Email from June 26, 2017

This week has been a lot different than I thought it would have been!! But it has also been great!!

So Monday we drove into Farmington and Tuesday morning I got my trainee. His name is Elder Waite and he is from a small city in northwest Wyoming called Powell.
We got to Bayfield. Luckily we have a GPS and the sisters from our district were in Farmington so we could follow them. Let me tell you, Bayfield is beautiful!!!! We cover the city of Bayfield along with Ignacio and a place called Vallecito Lake. There is forests and pine trees everywhere and people live out in the middle of the forest. There is this one neighborhood called Forest Lakes this is literally a neighborhood in the middle of a pine forest!

The work here has great potential! It was slow this week because we were trying to contact the investigates of the previous Elders. Which only about 2 wanted to keep meeting with us. So that was kinda sad, especially because it took some much time to get out to where they live. We still get lost a time or two. A lot of our area we don’t receive phone service which makes it even more of an adventure. One day we were late 40 minutes to a dinner appointment, I felt so bad.

There are a ton of great people here to meet and the members are really helpful to us. We have these one members who are super missionaries, the Spragues. He payed to have the ward have a spot in the fourth of July parade with handcarts and he even has a booth that he is getting set up on his own and he just asked us to be there. I am excited.

We did get to meet some amazing people this week and teach a few lessons. It is fun being with Elder Waite teaching. He knows the lessons very well but he is also a quite guy so he doesn’t say much, so when he does it is gold!!  Still working on finding new investigators but this next week should be great for that!

I don’t know how but the members here found out that I go home in September and they like to remind me that I don’t have long left. Sometimes is just want to lie when people ask how long I have been out. But I can’t.

Time is just going way to fast!! I am excited to get working here!



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