Email from May 29, 2017

This week has been incredible!!!  We had MLC this week, President Adams is so inspired. I don’t know how but he found this amazing talk and encouraged us to read it “You-Leaders of 1988” it changed my life. I encourage all of you to read it.

The work here in small town Blanding is great! We finally got new investigators! They came to church and they are on a baptismal date! It is a less active family who have an 11 and 9 year old daughters that want to be baptized so badly! They pause the movies they watch as a family and tell them they need to read the Book of Mormon, they want to pray every lesson. They are just on fire and it is a great blessing to the family.
So that is just super exciting

We also did a lot of biking this week. Because of our 3 trips into Farmington and a trip to zone conference, we are over miles. So we are biking like crazy!! We were biking along this road, and this van pulled over and the driver asked “Elders, what can I help you with?” we asked if he knew where Abajo Haven was, he said “yeah but I don’t think you want to bike there.” So we put our bikes in the back and he drove us there. He was just a member visiting for vacation, I told him thank you and he said “it isn’t for you, it is in honor of the man you serve” How true is that! Anyway he drove us way up there, like five miles up the mountain, so we talked to the people we found in our area book and then we biked home. It was fun, five miles of downhill!

We have also been receiving great help from the members, they see us biking and almost all of them offer to help us! What would we do without them?

We also went on our District Hike to Natural Bridges monument.

I love being a missionary, it is hard work but so worth it!IMG_0731IMG_0685IMG_0675IMG_0652IMG_0629IMG_0590


We went on a hike and found a boat!



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