There is no time to rest!

Email from June 5, 2017

This week has been a blast! We have been really busy and I have been dying of heat!!

Well on Saturday we got a call from President Adams telling us that because of a lack of sister in other places in the mission the sisters here in Blanding will be leaving (today) and we will be taking over their area, for the last 2 weeks of the transfer, if not longer. So that was nuts!
So Saturday we met their 2 investigators on baptismal date and that was quite the experience. It was really weird. On Sunday we went to the YSA branch and there was a lot of people there, it was also weird being around so many young adults! There was a non member from Ganado who is here going to the USU blanding campus and he came to church on his own and we set up and appointment with him for that night and he brought his friend! So we got two new investigators already in YSA! It was totally in answer to our fast we had as a zone that day for finding.  We road bikes like crazy this week, I was so soar, but then it was a new month and we could drive again. So that was nice.
The T. family is doing well. They came to church and the ward just helped a ton. We had one lesson in a members home and we are seeing them tonight having dinner in a members home! Sadly the parents got in another argument so D. the dad, is staying with his mom and didn’t come to church.
We also met this new less active family we got referred to and they are great! Their names are the L. They had us over for dinner, it was over a fire we had hot dogs and burgers. It was fun and they really like us. Then they made us promise to come back later that night to have smores. I hadn’t had one in forever! Then we got to teach them Sunday and it was good to be there, they are ready for some changes.  Elder Roskelley and I are super busy which is great! Can’t complain at all. Time is just going to fast!!

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