Some one please stop time

Email from June 12, 2017

This week has gone by crazy fast. Full of zone conference and exchanges!!

We had a baptism this Saturday! V. is 13 and was taught 100% by the sisters, we only read the Book of Mormon with her, her interview was super fast because she knew everything so well. It was exciting to see how excited she was to be baptized.
J. our investigator in YSA is doing great, he came to church again on his own. So prepared. We were able to teach him the Plan of Salvation Sunday night and it really touched him, he loved the idea of it. He is just so willing to do it all so he can be baptized.
D. and T. are doing great! The ward has just loved them so much and just really made them apart of everything. I think they are more apart of the ward than we are.
Wednesday we had zone conference which was all about finding and gave us some great ideas. We were committed to find 8 new investigators by the end of the transfer (1 week) for our mission that is rare. Elder Roskelley and I have been finding like crazy!! Always trying to do our best.
We had exchanges with the assistants so I got to go back to Farmington and work in my old area. So lucky to be able to see all my converts. But also sad, when we got back into Blanding Thursday night I just cried. I just love people so much, I don’t ever want to leave them.
Sorry if this isn’t super detailed. Just a great week, super busy, running around with our heads chopped off. Trying to do a million things at once and just loving every second of it. The weeks feel like days and the days feel like hours. We are always upset when 9 o clock comes because we have so much more work to do and not enough time.
I love this work.
Love, Elder Johnston

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