12 WEEK????

Email from June 19, 2017

TRANSFERS!! Well that time has come again. AND I am getting transferred….to Bayfield Colorado. I will be white washing an area with a training. So my last 12 weeks will be his first 12 weeks and I am stoked!!!!!!!!!! But sad to leave Blanding Utah!

This week has been full of miracles!!! We have been super busy!! Taking over the sisters area and taking care of ours!! At zone conference (a week and half ago) we were committed to find 8 new investigators by the end of the transfer which is a lot for Blanding! WE SUCCEEDED!!! I don’t think I have prayed for anything more intensely!! Every prayer I asked to be blessed with new investigators. We found 7 of the investigators this week! Saturday we found our 7th and then Sunday after being in church for 7 hours we were feeling a little stressed to find one more. We had only 10 minutes until our day was going to be over (because of meetings and teaching appointments). So we prayed and asked to know where to go and for the blessing of finding one more. We finished the prayer and looked up (we were in our truck) and there was a man with two kids walking through the park right in front of us. I thought “wow Heavenly Father is amazing” and we got out and speed walked over to them and stopped them and they were not interested. So they turned around and kept walking, we turned around and sprinted to our truck. Elder Roskelley felt prompted to go to this apartment complex to contact a previous potential. So we did, and on the way there there was a lady walking down the side walk carrying a baby carrier and a bunch of grocery bags, so we stopped and helped her. Again I thought “Wow Heavenly Father is amazing.” So we carried her bags with her to her house and she was interested just not at the moment. So then we sprinted back to the truck and drove to the apartment complex and they didn’t answer. Our time was up and we had to go to the meeting.
I do believe it was inspiration guiding us, the smallest nudges. Did we find one more investigator like we thought we needed? No. But did we help people and fulfill our purpose, plant a few seeds? Yes and that is what God needed at that moment.

Then that night we were taking the numbers for the zone and we remembered that we had found one last week and that made 8. I was so pumped!!! Screaming my head off! I was excited.

We taught our elect investigator J. (in the YSA) last night and we found out he is leaving this week on Friday, so he will not be able to be baptized this week. As we were discussing the plans for him to be baptized I just felt a big amount of peace, and I was at ease. Usually when some one moves I just stress out, that they will never get baptized. But J. I am confident he will. He is one of my favorite people from my mission!!

Missions are a wonderful thing and I can’t wait to help a missionary start his off right. Sprinting to the tape!!

I love you all! As much as it makes my soul weep, my brain likes to remind me how much I miss you and how soon I will see you!

Love, Elder Johnston

p.s. it has been super hot here!!! and our swamp cooler is broken so we have been trying everything to stay cool (head in the sink, ice baths, freezing bandannas, and lots of fans)



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