As always this week has been great!! Can’t complain with Elder Roskelley. Having fun and working our hardest. Sadly we have yet to find any new investigators, but the Lord is planting seeds that will soon be harvested. We would ask people for referrals at dinner and then go contact them right after dinner. The timing on some of them was nothing but divine. Very powerful moments. Sadly they were always just leaving so hopefully this week we will be able to meet with them. This one guy almost even started crying right on the door when he saw us. Pretty amazing!  The members here are great! They love to help us.

It snowed this week which is crazy!! It was so warm and then out of nowhere it snowed. So that made for some fun.

J. and S. were baptized on Saturday. They were two kids I taught when I also covered the south side of Blanding. So they was fun. Elder McGuire baptized S. and I baptized J. and then on Sunday Elder McGuire confirmed J. and I confirmed S. Very spiritual.

J. J., an excommunicated member was re-baptized. He has been working with the Elders for a while and then a few months ago he found out he had stage 4 cancer and was going to be baptized the end of May. But then on Wednesday he had a major stroke and was given days to live. So they were just going to baptize him in the temple after he passed because he is so immobile. But he was determined to be baptized. So Sunday he was baptized. That was neat. Three guys carried him in a blanket and held him above the water, and one guy said the prayer and they lowered him in and then pulled him out. Then they brought him out and put him back in his wheel chair, all wet and confirmed him. It was very spiritual. Very unique, but spiritual.

Another family told us that she is moving out of Blanding back to South Dakota. It is sad to see her go but really neat to hear her talk about the major seeds that were planted and the major impact we made on her kids. God has a hand it all things. He works in mysterious ways.

Still working as hard as ever!! Loving it.

This really is the best thing ever.

Love, Elder Johnston



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