A Month Long Week

Email from May 15, 2017

Well I got my new companion Elder Roskelley and it has been a blast!

Tuesday when we were in Farmington we got pelted by hail storm. That was crazy and we were all soaking wet. I love the rain!!! The rest of the week has just been a blur! Elder Roskelley and I are just having a ball, working our hardest and having lots of fun! We both have felt like this week has lasted forever!! Which isn’t a bad thing!

Just being in these 3 wards has been a trip and a half. I hardly know anyone in these wards so we have just been meeting new people left and right. We have asked so many members to investigate, to which they say “I am a member.” Just fun. One day we walked forever up this one road, we almost got hit by a car, we battled a demon dog preventing us from contacting a referral, and we just had a ton a fun the whole way!!!

Still working on finding new people to teach. This area is just different than any other one we have been in. We are trying to figure out how to work it. It has been an adventure.

I am doing great! Happy as ever!! Working harder than ever!! And loving ever second of it!!



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