What day is it?

Well honestly I cannot remember what happened this week because it has just flown by and I can hardly recall.  Maybe I can just give the highlights.

Yesterday was phenomenal, we had a bunch on investigators at church and then there was a youth fireside about missionary work that they asked Elder Powell to speak at and President and Sister Adams. It was so good to see President Adams, it was like seeing an old companion. We also sang in the choir of the mission prep class, we sang “Called to Serve” and I just get so passionate when I sing that song. Well President Adams spoke after we sang and said “man I could sure hear Elder Johnston” that was funny. I also got to meet The Hansen’s (my sister’s fiance’s older brother and wife) they are teachers on the reservation in Montazuma Creek, Utah, which is in my stake. That was fun.

L. is doing great! We saw her twice this week and both were great lessons. One was all about family history and temple work and our WML’s wife came with us. L. already does family history and she is excited to do the work for her grandma. Then we taught her in the church all about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. That was so spiritual, it was thick, especially as we were talking about the sacrament right next to the table. We went over some of the simple do’s and don’ts of the Sabbath and she already keeps it holy!! She is so amazing, she came to church and loved it!

The L.’s kids are still cute, crazy and funny as ever! And they came to church again!!!!! Just exciting! We split some wood for them (it has been cold here) and they were so grateful. And it was fun getting the ax out again.

I learned this week how blessed I really am. I meet these families who have nothing, they live on the rez and they have no running water and not electricity, and I wonder why I was so blessed to be born in the family I was. Just a lot to be grateful to Heavenly Father for.

Blanding is treating us great here. The members are willing and they love the missionaries.

I love being a missionary and I love members, and I love Utah so what could go wrong!!

Love, Elder Johnston

Sorry no pictures this week.


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