Finally new investigators!!!!!!!

Email April 24, 2017

This week has been crazy (with 5 wards you can imagine). Time is just going way to fast!!!   So after working our little hearts out we finally found some new investigators this week!!! Five of them in one day!!! We were stoked.

T. and E. they are brothers who are looking for God, they recognize the need for it! Then we found a family!!! L. and her kids (lets go with that), I think their faith is stronger than mine!! So they recently moved here from South Dakota because within 6 months of time there L.’s kids’ dad died and then her husband died and there was just a lot of bad happening there so she moved. We saw them 3 times this past week and they just soak it all up. They were going to a baptist church in South Dakota. Their prayers are my favorite!! So humble, they have practically nothing. They have 5 pairs of clothes and there furniture in their house is the back seat of a van!! The youngest daughter turned 8 on Friday so we made her cookies and took them to her. We said “these cookies are yours, you can share if you want to but you don’t have to.” The first thing she does is open it up and gives a cookie to everyone there and then she eats one! So kind!!

L. was out of town because her father passed away so that was really sad!! So we didn’t get to see her.  The L. kids are doing great!! They came to church and the mom was just super happy and excited! The kids are so excited to be baptized.  D. is still crazy. I think that he thinks that I am insane! I don’t know why. Funny things always happen at his house and I just kinda go with it but he thinks it is hilarious!! I. is doing great!! He came to church on his own because his mom was working so that was great!!!

We also started holding a weekly split on Wednesday and Thursday with our ward mission leaders! That was fun!! Able to spread out and get work done!!!

Another one of our investigators, J., got married this week. (He already was married but they just had the ceremony thingy). That was stressful! The temple really is the best place to get married.

Had an amazing experience with a less active family, the B., it is in the voice recording.

Had my first baptismal interview after forever and that was great!! Always spiritual experiences!!! I love feeling the conviction of the investigator.

Still having a party in this trifecta!! Elder Powell went golfing today. Elder McGuire was the catty and I was the assistant to the catty(photographer). It was fun!

Tearing it up here in Utah!
Love, Elder Johnston!!



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