This isn’t New Mexico any more.

Email from April 3, 2017

Well here I am in Blanding, Utah. I have survived another week. This change has been hard on me but as I was able to go and work it has made it a little easier.

But this week was great! General Conference of course was just amazing!!! The words of living prophets is such a blessing!! Can’t wait to be able to read them.

I would tell you about people but I am still trying to figure out who they all are. It has been hard for me to not be able to lead. It is humble so it is good. I was so used to just going, but now I have to follow and the pace is a little slower but I will adjust.

The members here are just amazing! You just have to take initiative as the missionaries. The members really do want to help us. They just need to know how. But they sure are willing, and there is lots of them!!!

Finding here is a lot different. It is all through member referrals. You can’t go tracting because it is all members, and you can’t talk to people on the street, because there is no one on the street! Ha. Just a really small town in the bottom of Utah.

I am enjoying being in a trio. Never a dull moment between the three of us. Just trying to figure out how to work our brains together. Also fun!

Still hasn’t dawned on me that I am in Utah. People keep talking about going to Salt Lake and I get excited with every Utah license plate on cars (that is all of them). So of course the adventure continues.

Hopefully we can have some baptisms coming up soon. There is poison here in the Utah Zone, that because it is Utah you don’t baptize, well NO! We should baptize the most because we have the most members!! And we will.

I am happy and adjusting and live will continue to be wonderful!!

Love, Elder Johnston

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