A Culture of Finding in Blanding

Email from today, April 10, 2017

As always GREAT WEEK!!!

Well this week started rocky but ended well. Monday night I got super sick and that was gross, I will spare you the details. So Tuesday I was sick all day, BUT the work must go on. Tuesday we had 3 lessons and it was very successful. We had one lesson with a less active and the other two were with investigators both accepted a baptismal date!!!!!! BEST SICK DAY EVER!

The rest of the week just flew by, I don’t even remember what all happened. Just working our little hearts out. Still getting adjusted but it is great, I am enjoying myself. It is hard at times, the culture here is just very different than Farmington. In Farmington it was easy to find new investigators. But here I think people understand more what it means to let the missionaries in. In Farmington you would get new investigators easily but you would have to go through about 20 New Investigators to get a progressing investigator, but here you could get about 2 new investigators to get a progressing investigator. We have gotten over 20 referrals and still no new investigators sense I have been here. It is just weird trying to figure it all out. But the members are incredibly willing which helps a ton!

So our investigators on date!
I., he is 9 and his mom is a returning member. He should be baptized on Saturday! He is doing very well and is very excited to be baptized.
Then we have J. and S. L. They are a 10 and a 9 year old. Mother is also returning less active. They are the cutest kids and do so well. We gave S. a Book of Mormon stories and she is almost done already. J. takes his Book of Mormon to school and is almost half way done. They also have two younger siblings who just melt your heart. Especial E., he is 5 and just loves to comment in lessons even though he doesn’t know. At one point we were teaching about the Holy Ghost and we were making sure the kids knew and E. kept saying it so we asked him and then he didn’t know. So I looked at him and said “Holy…” and he said very excitedly “Cow?” It just was so adorable. I love teaching kids!!
L. W. is our other investigator who told us she wasn’t going to get married until summer (so she couldn’t be baptized) well one day she just texted us saying she got married. That was super exciting!! So now she is on baptismal date and came to church for all three hours and is reading and praying, even though she would never keep commitments before!!!

So we have so great work going, just trying to build it up a little bit. So with all this member help it should be great!!

Sunday was quite different, we were at church from 9am to 5pm. I took the Sacrament 3 times! The second time I was sitting there trying to repent and think of the Savior and the Spirit whispered “what have you done in the last hour to repent of?” it was very different but also very spiritual!! In one of the ward almost 15 kids boar there testimony and they were so cute!! So sincere! I love it.

I love my mission and I love Blanding!!
We went on a District hike today and it was just beautiful. It felt like a family summer trip because it was so warm.

Love, Elder Johnston



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