This is the happiest time of my life!!!!!!!!!

Email from March 20, 2017

This week has been amazing!! (Always is) We had exchanges with the Durango zone leaders and that was just a lot of fun. Had some interesting experiences with the Spirit working through us in a round a bout kind of way. Then we drove up and stayed the night in Durango!! That was gorgeous!!! Reminded me a lot of home.

We woke up early and went running in the mountains and then drove to Cortez to have the last zone conference of the transfer. Another great meeting. President Adams is really inspired. Lots of great missionaries.

The rest of the week was full with lots of busy stuff. Lots of service for members. The weather is warming up so everyone needs our help. We helped one of the youth with his Eagle Project and that was good to be out in nature cleaning up and making a visible difference.

The work is going really well. Our investigators and converts are doing great! The R. were interviewed for their temple and patriarchal blessing recommends! M. has already gone visiting teaching!! It is just amazing!! C. is on fire with missionary work, trying to hook us up with everyone she knows.

The S. are doing well. S. is really working to overcome his tobacco addiction. C. is really growing. She was sick yesterday and couldn’t come to church so we texted her wishing her well and she told us how she was sad to miss Church. It is her new comfort place!! It is the best experience to hear investigators express their love for repenting!!

Other investigators were a little flakey this past week so we will see what this week brings.

Having loads of fun along the way!!! We sang in the Spanish branch with the Elder this Sunday and it was quite the experience.

As always I love being a missionary and never want to leave.

Sorry again for no pictures. Just running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

I love working close with President Adams. He loves and cares for each missionary (throughout the world, and in our mission) so much!!

Love, Elder Johnston


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