If I were a Sister I would be dead.

Email from March 13, 2017

Well as sad as I am to say this, today I have been a missionary for 18 months. In exactly 6 months I will be on a plane……

WELL, that’s enough of that! BLAH! This week has been wonderful. Full of tender mercies.

We had exchanges with the zone leaders of Chinle, I went on exchanges with my District Leader. Had the Farmington Zone Conference and had the cleanest car. The weather was great, so we rode bikes!!!

The work here in 3rd ward is continuing to progress. Still trying to build our teaching pool, but it is coming little by little.  We had some amazing lessons this week, which was great.

The S. are doing great. We taught them the word of wisdom this week. S. the returning less active has been addicted to chewing tobacco for years and has tried multiple times before to quit and almost gotten divorced each time. Well this time he has the atonement and he is doing well with it. He seems so much happier too.

G. our JW investigator is doing great. Elder Merrill received some great inspiration and we decided to teach him about temples and family history. Well after the lesson he told us he wants to be baptized. He just needs his hip to heal so he can come to church.

We found this new investigator V. and she is really looking for some truth in her life. She needs it to. I love to see how the Spirit touches people as we teach and how it makes them change.

This week we had some fun riding bikes. It was a very successful day. Just talking with everyone. I think that all cars should be eliminated from the missionary force. We can talk to so many more people.

This Sunday was also President and Sister Adams 40th wedding anniversary. So we made them an apron.

As always. I love being a missionary. It is the best!!!



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