Finally out of the San Juan and right into the San Jaun

This week was transfers and I am being released from my responsibilities with President Adams and being called as a Zone Leader, in Blanding, UTAH!! The first 18 months of my mission I have spend in the San Juan county in New Mexico (honestly I never wanted to leave) well I am being transferred to Blanding like I said that is in San Juan County Utah! I think it is hilarious!! My new companions are Elder Powell and Elder McGuire. Finally got my “trifecta”!!! I lived with Elder McGuire in Bloomfield earlier in my mission so I am pumped!!! Elder Stewart (Elder Merrill Trainee!!) will be taking my spot.

So this week was crazy busy!! And as always incredible!!! Tuesday we had MLC which was just amazing!! I gave my last training in MLC which was very weird. No one else knew but me and Elder Merrill, and President Adams of course. I knew who was going to replace me and who my next companion was and they were both there. Very weird.

We had some miraculous experiences this week. We found a new investigator family who is now on baptismal date! They had been taught by missionaries previously but were never baptized. Well they had kept in contact with one of the Elders and they had experienced some hardship and were ready to be taught again. So somehow they got our number and texted us wanting to set up an appointment. So after MLC we went to teach them and they told us about there 12 year old niece that took her own life and how they had fallen back into drinking after months of being sober. As weird as it is I felt extremely prompted to teach the Word of Wisdom as the first lesson. So we did and it went well. We focused a lot on overcoming addictions. They had already been reading the Book of Mormon and praying! Incredibly prepared. They even committed to give up their coffee.  Well 2 days later we went back to teach them and it went great. Taught the Restoration and they accepted a baptismal date. They had already gone down on the coffee. They went from 3 pots a day to one cup each! I had a great experience with them as we taught the Restoration. When Elder Arnold came he taught us to start seeing people in white (baptismal/temple clothes) and it is something that I try so hard at but struggle to do. Well all I could do was see this family in white. Just an amazing experience. I wish I could explain it more colorfully.

The rest of the week was just travel news and that was stressful!! Oh my goodness it was nuts!! The most complex changes I have ever had to deal with! And on top of that I accidentally broke the Assistant Flash drive with all the important files on it (it is okay they were backed up on a computer). But it the stress levels were high. But among the stress the Spirit guided us to make sure we didn’t forget the many important details!

I did have a dream come true before I leave Farmington. I have wanted to go teaching with the Spanish Elders for the longest time, particularity the dynamic duo we live with, Elder Redford and Elder Baltich. Well they had an appointment with an single women investigator and 5 minutes before their third male canceled, so they called and asked if I could come. Well I did and it was great! So much fun. I have to learn Spanish when I get home, I LOVE Hispanic people! So anyway we were teaching her the Plan of Salvation (she hadn’t been taught the Restoration yet but had a bunch of question the Plan of Salvation answered) So we were teaching her in her broken down trailer home, sitting on the floor with using the light from a lamp on the ground and one of those lights you use when you are working on the interior of a house, where the light is at the end of an extension cord. Extremely poor and humble circumstances. Well of course they were talking in Spanish so I couldn’t understand a thing. I felt the Spirit at moments and could guess what they were talking about based of words and pictures. Well I could tell they were wrapping up the lesson and I recognized she was invited to be baptized and based of the Elders response I knew she said no. Well I felt really prompted to share Mosiah 2:41 and talk about it. So I asked Elder Redford to translate for me. He read the verse and then I would say a few words looking at S. (the investigator) in English and then she would look and Elder Redford and he would translate. The Spirit was strong and I could tell she felt it. Well we end the lesson with kneeling prayer and she asks me to say it. So again it was translated. It wasn’t one of the most inspired prayers I have ever said, I felt as if the Holy Ghost was telling me exactly what to pray for. Well we get out of the lesson and the Spanish Elders are freaking out (in a good way), well turns out that after I said those things that Elder Redford translated for me she said she would be baptized!!!!!! So no I didn’t have the gift of speaking in tongues but the Spirit guided my tongue in a different way!

Church was sad, all my converts but one in 3rd ward got up after me to bear their testimony and it was so tender. Little 8 year old J. (C.’s son) gets up and says “I know that missionaries have to go and it makes me sad, but I know God has a plan for us here” my hear melted!! My life will never be the same because of the people in 3rd ward, and I am sure that in a few months I will say the same thing about Blanding.

I have loved my time here in 3rd ward but Utah will be fun!!

I am Sprinting to the tape!!! I took my first Sunday nap on my mission yesterday. It was much needed.

Love, Elder Johston



New Companion – Elder Powell


New Companion – Elder McGuire (he is the one on the far right)




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  1. Ross Rytting · March 31, 2017

    Upon your return don’t forget to visit me at the camp in Grouse Creek. Looking forward to seeing you again.


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