The Longest week ever

This week feels like it has lasted for eternity. But I am not complaining.  It was a good week full of exchanges, driving to Tuba City, Arizona and more exchanges, zone training.

This past p-day was fun. I found my new favorite sport, Raquet ball! We had a tournament with the Elders in Farmington. It was a blast.  Then we had exchanges with the Kirtland Zone Leaders. Also fun.

Tuesday night about 5pm we left for Tuba City. We drove all night and got there about 9pm. That was fun. Good opporutities for Elder Merrill and I to talk.  The Zone Conference on Wednesday went really well.  We drove home and got home about 8pm Wendesday night. It was great to be reunited with the Spanish Elders we live with. One of them dared me to try this pushup where you clap behind your back. Well I sprained my wrist. Luckily not my face! 🙂

Thursday was zone Training and that was a great meeting about Christ like attributes. I was asked to give a training so as part of it I did the attribute activity in PMG chapter 6. Well a few months ago I took it and virtue had the lowest scoring average. So I was working on it. Well when I took it again it was one of the highest!! The Gospel works so wonderfully.  The rest of the week we had exchanges with the Bloomfield Zone Leaders. That was also fun. This whole week was just full of experiences with the Holy Ghost guiding us. It will be amazing to see the fruits of it this coming week.

Life is a hard thing for some people. Some of our investigators are being evicted and will possibly be homeless. I feel bad because I have no way of helping. Besides helping them pack. One of the Elders I was on exchanges with was asking about school and careers and marriage and the future and all those crazy adventures. As we talked I realized. Life is going to be difficult. Why not just appreciate the fun it will be. Enjoy the sunshine in life. It was just a great realization.

Sorry for the bland email this week. For some reason I can’t remember much.

Love, Elder Johnston

Oh how could I forget! Some one broke into the mission office this week and also broke into all the Bishop’s and clerks office’s. Miraculously they didn’t steal any of our technology we need.



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