LOVE the people, LOVE the people, LOVE the people

Email from February 27, 2017

This week has been amazing. Full of miracles and blessings.

On Monday we played pickle ball with M. and her friends. It was a blast. Who knew that two 19 year old boys could have a good time playing pickle ball with 65 year old women. We had MLC on Tuesday and that was just amazing. Brother Holmes from LDS family services came and gave a training in place of Elder Merrill and I and it was just incredible. He taught us so much about helping missionaries with struggles. Just so valuable. We had a zone conference down in Gallup New Mexico on Wednesday and that was fun! The conference went well. Elder Merrill and I gave a training on our experience with Elder Arnold in the Craig’s home. It went really well. Just a lot of great missionaries.
Then the rest of the week was a blessing. We got to work in our area all day for almost 4 days in a row!!!!!! It turned out to not be as successful as we would have liked but the opportunity to work was a blessing. The Lord is preparing people and we are a part of it. It is amazing to see how some people humble themselves and how others are compelled to be humble.

M.’s baptism was this Saturday and that was just great. We had to fill up the font and before and as it was filling I read almost the whole book of Mosiah. It was a tender mercy to read before the baptism. The program went well. B. (her husband) who was just baptized in December gets up to say the opening prayer and went to say some things before he prayed and then he just sat down without even praying. Elder Merrill and I were on the front row just smiling at the Bishopric and Ward Mission leader. We just continued with the program. Talking to B. after he was just so full of emotion he didn’t even realize he didn’t pray.   C. was asked to give a talk on baptism and that was incredible. She is so converted. She is so spiritual and loving. Always looking to serve others and share the gospel. She recorded her life story and it is quite amazing. She is something else. She even ordered a bunch of new glasses for me (using my Christmas money) I got 6 pair for the price of 1.

The confirmation on Sunday was beautiful. Later that day M. texted us saying: “So today was awesome. I have never had such a feeling of warmth from the inside out as during the confirmation. (No, it was not a hot flash)”

I love being a missionary. People change. The S. are doing amazing. Still enjoying the conversion process. S. is trying out for the police academy so he has to take his physical training test on Saturday. Well in his training for it he hurt his hipflexor and couldn’t run. So we were praying for him. A few days before he could run a little bit again. Well he took the test and he was the fastest one in his group and his hip didn’t even hurt him. AMAZING!!

Love, Elder Johnston



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