Well the good news is: I AM STAYING IN 3RD WARD!!!!! I feel so lucky. I really love this place and will not be looking forward to leaving. I wish I could just stay until the end of my mission. But I will take what I can get even if that is 6 weeks at a time.

Well sense Thursday not much more has happened. We had our p-day on Thursday and then Friday we got to work on travel news. It was crazy. We had a lot of appointments in the evening and a lot of things came up during the day so we did most of the work on Saturday. It was a miracle because we were able to do 3 days worth of work in about 10 hours. The Lord was helping us on that one. No way we could have done it without Him.

Some other exciting news is that J. (C.’s son) got baptized on Saturday. He is the first child of record baptism of that family. It was so neat for C. she was so emotional and even J. was emotional. He is a special spirit. When the talk on baptism was being given he was crying and it was just adorable. He asked Elder Merrill to baptize him so they were in the changing room together and he said “I think the first thing I will do when I get home is pray and thank God for this” and then later he was cold and was standing there shivering and said “I feel so cold but I am warm inside.” Such a tender testimony already.

B. and M. are doing really well. We taught them on Sunday and had a great lesson. They are both already doing missionary work. B. is really seeing the Miracle of the Atonement change his life. He has been full of a lot of anger for a while. When he was married to his first wife she cheated on him with his “ex-best friend” and he has had a lot of hate for F. (ex- best friend). But then he said out of no where he has started praying to be able to forgive him and he said now he has no anger or resentment towards him or his ex-wife. He has also been praying for his son to forgive him. Just incredible changes in his life.

G., one of our Jehovah Witness investigators is doing really well. We taught him this week and had a very spiritual lesson where we read Mosiah 4 and you could just see the Spirit working on him. And he as never prayed in front of us before. He always says no. The lesson was just wonderful and he said that his desire for us coming over has changed from curiosity to a desire to change (repent). He said he would be baptized when he knows it is true. And then at the end of the lesson he prayed. I asked him if he would say the closing prayer and he just said “sure” and prayed!!!!

Love, Elder Johnston

here are some pictures as promised.

The tripod broke and it makes a perfect selfie stick!!


Elder Arnold



Me with President Solomon (Mission President’s first counselor) in our brown suits


J.’s baptism


Zone leaders picking up transfer news



creating travel news



5 A.M. last workout with Elders before transfers



Elder Swinehart (spanish Elder we live with) got transferred to Bloomfield so we all slept in one room together.





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