Well the reason I am emailing on Thursday and not Monday is because the past three days we had been touring the mission with Elder Mervyn B. Arnold. It was an amazing experience, he is such a loving man, just a super missionary. Lots of training received. So Elder Merrill and I were on a road trip this week.

The past week before the tour was really good as well. Had exchanges with Holbrook Zone leaders and it was a wonderful exchange. The Lord truly labors with us in his vineyard.
C. is doing incredibly well. Had a neat experience there. Elder Arnold came to Farmington to preside at Stake Conference and at the Saturday night adult session he had a panel of Converts and returned less actives. Well C. was on the panel. Well Saturday morning she woke up sick. So she asked us to come give her a blessing, She was sick, her voice just sounded terrible and her face was really pale and she told us her chest really hurt. So we gave her a blessing and then I realized I had some medicine at our house. So we drove to our house grabbed the medicine and drove back to C. to give it to her. She opened the door and was just giddy, she didn’t look sick at all. She said “Guys! It worked (this was her first blessing). I expected it to work but not that fast!! My chest doesn’t even hurt anymore” and she didn’t sound sick either. It was amazing. At Stake Conference I asked her how she felt and she said “I know my body is sick, but I can’t feel it.” She made it through all Saturday night conference and then Sunday she was so sick she couldn’t make it.
M. is doing amazing. She really enjoyed Stake Conference, she was crying at he end.
Some other crazy things have happened. An Elder broke is fibula during morning workouts so he had to go home. But he had a really good perspective on it and is planning to come back out.

Some amazing miracles happened this week as well. Elder Arnold blessed our area so much. He went out with the Bishop and the Stake President and saw an active member family with a struggling daughter and she came to Stake Conference after never being at church for a few months. He also saw this part member family, the husband has been less active sense he was 17. His wife is a nonmember but is super nice. He had a wonderful meeting with them and they came to Stake Conference as well. Monday night we went and taught them and had a very wonderful lesson. She is now on a baptismal date!!!
We also went out with Elder Arnold Sunday night to an active member family and that was amazing as well. We did an activity with them from PMG and we came up with 406 names!!!!!! Since Sunday we have gotten 2 referrals from the people they asked if they would like to hear the lessons and 1 appointment set up for this week and we are just barely getting started!! So just super exciting.

Transfers coming up this week, so hopefully I can stay here in 3rd ward!!!!

The training from Elder Arnold was just amazing. He is so bold and so full of love. Just a total fire ball!!! He was very complimentary to our mission as well. Telling us the things we are doing well and then just gave us ways to improve!!!

Love Elder Johnston

(also all the pictures from the tour are on our mission President’s wife’s camera so I will send them next week.)


How could I forget!!?? On Friday we ate 100 chicken nuggets and Wendy’s



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