Busy isn’t always good

I heard this quote yesterday that sums up the week.  “If I were the devil I wouldn’t get to the Latter Day Saints with the big sins, I would just make sure that they are too busy.”
We were busy this week. Lots of good things to be busy with but didn’t get to spend a lot of time in our area.

We had MLC and that was a lot of fun. Elder Merrill and had a incredible training, It was amazing to see as we worked on it how many times we had to change it before we got it to what the Lord needed it to be. We also sang a musical number. That was scary, I got roped into it. We asked two of the Sister Training Leaders to sing a song and then they asked us if we would do it with them so we could make a quartet. Elder Merrill singing voice is amazing, I think I was just asked because my voice is deep. lol.

We also had the world wide missionary broadcast on Wednesday. That was incredible. It was Elder Oaks, Elder Bednar, Elder Anderson, Bishop Wadell, Elder Nelson (of the seventy) Sister Oscarson, and the head of the missionary department (I forgot his name). They just had a council on some things and it was incredible training and super valuable. They also changed the missionary schedule! A LOT! It is so crazy different. It is an adjustment but I love it! It is easier to be spiritual. They also changed p-day!!

We had exchanges is 6th ward with our District Leader, that was different, following some one else around on an exchange instead of leading, It was a nice break. We also had to drive out to Crystal New Mexico. The snow was gorgeous!!! It reminded me of home a lot.

C. is still doing very well. The guy she met on LDS singles came to Farmington to visit and that was great for her. We had lunch with him and he is a stud. I love him to death. C. really likes him too, so it will be great for her and her kids.

M. is doing amazing. We had fast and testimony meeting yesterday because this week is stake Conference and we were sitting next to M. and she was crying!! She just is progressing so well.

Time is flying by. My mission needs to slow down. Yesterday we were at a members house for Sunday night desserts with our zone leaders. Elder Merrill and both my zone leaders all came out together (6 weeks before me) and yesterday was their 18 month mark. SCARY!!! I love serving the Lord.

Love, Elder Johnston


Picture from MLC


My last nightly planning




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