Email from January 16, 2017

The work is going swell. M. our key investigator came to church all by herself this week. B.’s back was bothering him so he couldn’t come but M. came by herself. She even had a diagram for us she made of the Plan of Salvation and it was spot on!!!  Our other investigators couldn’t come to church due to sickness or sledding injuries.
We did find a lot of new people to teach this week, our teaching pool has gotten quite bigger. Which is always amazing!

It has just been all around an amazing week. Went on lots of exchanges with the Zone Leaders this week and that was of course fun. I was able to be companions (for a day) with my MTC buddy Elder Roskelly!! That was a blast.

The work of the Lord presses on! And it is going well. I find it amazing how Elder Merrill and I are able to accomplish so much, between the administrative stuff we have to plan and our area, the Lord definitely magnifies us! I am honestly the happiest I have been.
Even though home is just around the corner. I came out with a group of a bout 30 missionaries and we go home in September, a week after the college semester starts. So our mission President’s wife has been calling all of us asking us about our plans for home, and my companion has started to work on applying for scholarships for school, so I did as well just to use time wisely. It is weird thinking about it so much, but it will be fun.

We found this really amazing guy named C. this week. He is a JW but he wants to meet with us and is extremely brilliant. Elder Merrill went and taught him on exchanges and C. played his piano for them. He is a concert pianist getting ready to go to Julliard. Just an amazing guy.

We also had this amazing lesson with M. He is a referral from this member we have had sense I got here, and we just haven’t been able to teach him. We finally had a lesson with him this week at his house with the member and another youth member of our ward who is friends with him from school. It was a wonderful lesson, M. his really shy and quite, so it was hard to not be preachy because he wouldn’t answer questions. BUT it went amazing, his grandma was there and she was really funny, she was testifying of how she felt the Spirit when we would teach. M. was going to come to church but got whip lash while sledding on Saturday. So that was sad but I know he will come in the future. He is 15 and has been searching out religion all on his own.

The future of 3rd ward is excellent!!!!!

Sorry no pictures again
(Mom I promise I will take some)

Love, Elder Johnston


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