Miracles and more miracles

This week has been quite the adventure. It has been freezing cold too!!! It snows a little bit and I get all excited and then it melts and we are just stuck with the frigid cold! It makes missionary work quite the adventure!

We had exchanges with week with Zone Leaders from Tuba City this week. That was a lot of fun. Getting work done. Last week I said how we were finding a bunch of investigators, well this week full of teaching appointments. It went really good, the members helped us out a ton and it just went well. Had some pretty funny lessons with some drunk people. All around just a spiritual week.

We had this incredible experience with C. C. is on of our JW investigators and he is a super genius. So the way we found him was a miracle. So he is a student at the community college here and he is living between two houses, and we just happened to catch him at the house in our area. So that was neat, then we went and taught him in his other house and set up a return appointment to teach him at the college just because his class schedule is busy and he is between the two houses. So we set up the appointment. Well we didn’t get his phone number. The day of the appointment came around and we were on exchanges with the Tuba Zone leaders, so Elder Merrill went and waited around for C. and he never showed up. So our teaching with him was practically over…… Well the next day we were on exchanges with the Farmington Zone Leaders, Elder Merrill was planning for his day and prayed to know where to go tracting. He was prompted to go to this sketchy super ghetto apartment complex. Seriously this place is bad, it is like a little square block of the Bronx stuck randomly in Farmington. So he kinda pushed it off and the next day started to drive to this other street and had the prompting again to go to the apartments. So he goes and it is just dead. Not a breathing soul in sight. Absolutely dead, it is kinda creepy. They knocked about 3 doors with no answer and Elder Merrill starts to want to go somewhere else, when the quote from President Utchdorf’s talk came to mind, “Fourth Floor, Last Door”. So Elder Merrill looks at his companion and says “we need to knock every door in this apartment complex.” So they do and only one person answered the door who quickly told them he was uninterested. A little discouraged they go to leave and as they are walking out the front, C. IS RIDING BY ON HIS BIKE, LIKE 5 FEET AWAY!!!!! Talk about a miracle.  C. sincerely apologized for missing the appointment, he had something come up and no way of contacting us. So we got another appointment with him and it was an amazing appointment. We only got through the second page of the Restoration pamphlet because he has so many questions, and they are sincere. So hopefully more miracles come with C.

M. is doing amazing as every. Study lots of stuff. She saw the anti-mormon video about the temple and it didn’t even phase her. So that was neat. B. is stellar as ever. He reads from the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and President Hinckley Sunday School book every day!! So he is on fire. C. taught in Beehives yesterday for the first time with her new calling and did wonderful job.

We were supposed to have a lot of investigators at church yesterday but they all got sick. All the members that were going to pick them up were super sad. Better luck next week.

Also the C. Family I taught them, they were sealed in the Temple on Saturday. They emailed me about it! J. the oldest daughter got her mission call to Eugene Organ. Just such and exciting week. I love missionary work. One of the proudest days of my mission.

Some funny things that happened this week.
With the Tuba City Zone Leaders we ate 100 chicken nuggets at Burger King.
Elder Kraus (one of the Tuba ZLs) and I ate half a container of cheese balls in under and hour.
My giant hopper ball I got from white elephant popped.
Just a wonderful week

And I remembered to take pictures (you are welcome mom)

Love, Elder Johnston



I also got to go back to Kirtland this week to prepare for Elder Arnold touring the mission. So we were just checking out he set up for the church. But it was fun to be in Kirlland again. (the church still smells the same)



Also welcome to Farmington where all the Christians hate abortion and always have super bold signs about it but there is still the most abortion business I have ever seen in my life.



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