The Work Goes On

This has been the most exhausting week of my mission. I have never been so tired in my life. I realized today that I am so tired that I could fall asleep anywhere if I sat too long, but I am also so tired that I have so much energy. It is a weird combination.

We did a lot of work in our area this week and it was a wonderful blessing.
It has been just frigid cold. No snow or rain but just absolutely freezing. It makes missionary work quite an adventure.

M. is just doing fabulous. She makes Elder Merrill and I so excited!!! She keeps our commitments. One day we even gave her 8 chapters to read as a commitment and 3 days she had read them all. She is absolutely loving church, so that is wonderful. The ward is a huge help.

G. our Jehovah’s witness investigator came to church again this week and he is doing exceptionally well. He is slowly coming to know this is true, even if he doesn’t quite want to admit it yet.

P. and H. kinda fell of the boat and we haven’t seen them in a while but we have an appointment tonight with them.

We been doing quite a bit of knocking and run into some very interesting people. Again we had some luck with a Jehovah’s Witness named C. He is extremely intelligent and a large desire to find truth. I am excited to see how he progresses.

Once again another fabulous, but stressful, week in the mission. We have a mission tour with Elder Arnold coming up and it is proving quite fun to plan for. It will be very exciting.

Love you all,
Elder Johnston


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