God is Good

Email from December 19, 2016

We have this problem where all our good investigators get baptized and the not so good ones drop us and then we have no investigators to teach. So this week has been slow trying to find more people to teach but miracles happen.

We are trying to do some good work and have found this one new family that is showing great potential. God has definitely prepared them and has led us to them. They are an unmarried couple who both have kids from previous marriages. We met them one night when we were trying to find a members house for dinner. We were on exchanges and Elder Merrell had the map so I was really on phone calls. Our dinner was at 5 and we couldn’t find the house. The members were not answering their phone and it was just not working. I had been there once before so I knew what it looked like. We went to this one house and the address matched (so I thought) but it was not the members house. I figured you can’t knock on the wrong door as a missionary so we knocked. This Navajo man answered and we talked to him and testified of forgiveness. We left like failures. We didn’t give him a Book of Mormon. So we walked back up the drive way and gave him a Book of Mormon. We asked when he could come back and he said maybe Thursday morning (during district meeting) so I said we can’t but that we have some time tonight we could come back and he said that was fine. So we find the house after because the member finally called us back. Turns out the difference was just and east and west, the houses have the same number. So we come back with a High Priest on splits that night and teach the man, M. Right in the middle of the lesson his family comes home from grocery shopping and barges in. So we talk to them and the members just makes them feel so loved it was fabulous. Set a return appointment for Tuesday, Tuesday comes and they aren’t there. So we stopped by the other night to see if they were and they were surprised to see us but let us in. So this already long story made short, Elder Merrell saw a program for a funeral of one of his recent converts from Ft. Defiance. They were amazed to find out the family was baptized. So we talk about that and they just open up. Telling us how they have been looking for peace and help in their life and it was just amazing. At the very end they said “If it works for them it should work for us.”  God has been preparing them, I just love it so much!!!!

I have really learned this week how patience in our trials and work allow us to have success. That is what the Lord promised the sons of Mosiah. Alma 26:27. And how that patience is accompanied with hope, an attitude of better things to come.

I love this work!!!


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