It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Wonderful things are happening here in New Mexico. It is cold!!!!

Wonderful miracles this week. We had our 3 best investigators all accept a baptismal date within two days of each other. That was just amazing.

P. and H. we taught on Wednesday and at the very end we invited them to be baptized and P. was so excited. They were both excited to start reading the Book of Mormon, they couldn’t come to church this Sunday because they were going to Phoenix for Christmas but they are very anxious to come next Sunday. I am so excited to see their lives totally change because of their repenting and accepting Christ.

M. (B., our recent convert, his wife) accepted a baptismal date as well. We invited her to be baptized and she sat for a second and then said “yeah I do.” Oh how I wish I could have recorded the look on B.’s face, complete joy!!!! He was giddy, he piped up and said “and you know, I can even baptized you.” It was priceless!!! M. came to church this Sunday and loved it. Elder Merrill and I were sitting in the choir seat because we were going to sing with the choir. I saw B. walk in with M. right behind him. B. made eye contact with one of the Bishopric members and just gave a thumbs up. I was praying for M. the whole time that the Spirit would touch her heart. The final talk was just amazing. I don’t think M. looked away at all. The whole time she was just drawn in. Members came and talked to her after, not in a overwhelming way, but just enough. She seemed to enjoy herself. She said she will be there next week.

Elder Merrill and I sang in the choir and that was fun, Elder Merrill has quite the voice. He sang in high shool and all that stuff so I was kinda just there. But I sang my heart out. I have come to quite enjoy singing (that doesn’t mean I am any good) but is was fun. Singing praises to the Lord, I felt like an angel on the first Christmas night.

Speaking of singing. We had a district activity Christmas Eve. We went caroling in our District Leader’s area. That was so fun. It softened people’s heart alot. We would just knock and once they answered we would just start singing. We would sing one verse of a Christmas hymn and then say “Merry Christmas” and then hand them a #LIGHTtheWORLD card. It was fun!!! Hopefully when the Elders come back they have fruit.

I love the work of the Lord.
Missions are the best.
The Elect are out there.

p.s. New Mexico tried it’s hardest to give me a white Christmas. We woke up Christmas morning at like 6:25, we look out side, no snow. We opened our presents and at about 7:10 one of the Elders says “I thought you said it didn’t snow?” So we all instantly look out side and there is snow. I guess is started snowing right after we looked away!!



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