Sweet is the work

This week has been FABULOUS!!!!!!

First of B. WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was such a good baptism. He was so nervous but after he was baptized he said he wasn’t nervous anymore. Then yesterday he was confirmed and you can just tell he was excited. I had the privilege of confirming him and that was amazing. The Spirit loosed my tongue for the things needing to be said and bound my tongue to not say things that need not be said. It was a neat experience.
Then during Priesthood B. received the Aaronic Priesthood and was ordained as a Priest. That was even better. Brother Harmen, his fellowshipper (who also baptized him) gave him the Priesthood. It was just a blessed day and B. was just giddy.

The work here is going good. We are working hard doing our best to find people to teach. It hasn’t been to fruitful until we were on exchanges and Elder Merrill found this elect family so hopefully they progress.

B.’s wife M. also is starting to become interested which is great. We taught them about eternal marriage two days before his baptism and M. was asking the right questions. She also told B. she wanted to come to church with him some time.

So once again great things are happening here in 3rd ward.

Updates on me: tired and loving every second of it. Like I always say I love my mission and I never want to leave.
Merry Christmas!!!


B. Baptism



3rd Ward had Christmas party…We got our ugly sweaters from the Salvation Army



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