Baptism is the first fruits of repentance

This week has been great. Many miracles!!! I just love the work of the Lord.

B. passed his baptism interview this week and that was just splendid. He has changed so much and is just so exciting. It was really cool when we brought C., our recent convert to a lesson and they just kept talking about how they used to get angry and all that fun stuff but after they started learning about the church and praying and reading their scriptures and repenting it all changed. Those feelings of anger that used to come so quickly are now gone. Oh it was enlightening and very motivating.  Repentance is powerful.

We also had what is called the Mini MTC. So first off Farmington is one of the most missionary minded places I have ever been. They have a huge mission prep class every Sunday that is just amazing. They are super member missionary minded and all about getting youth to serve missions. And not in a pushy or forceful way. So anyway the Mini MTC is exactly what is sounds like. The priests and laurels come to the church on a Saturday and are with a full time missionary and receive some training and teach some “investigators” (members just pretending) it is a lot of fun and a very spiritual draining day. Last year when I was in Kirltand I was able to come and that was amazing. So it was a

real treat for me being there again. The youth of this church are so incredible. (I am not that much older than them) but they still amaze me with their spiritual maturity. I hope my kids can be that elect.

The work here in Farmington is great. The weather is getting colder and we are showing #LIGHTtheWORLD like crazy and we hope all of you are too.

Love, Elder Johnston



We also got a new truck. Like 2017 new. Elder Van Meter and I drove them off the lot a little while back and the one I got in had 2 miles. Wheew



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