So many blessing to be thankful for.

This week has been fabulous. Getting adjusted to my new companion.  We had a lot of administrative things to do at the beginning of the transfer but it is almost all done now so the last few days we have had lots of time to work in our area. Which I love!!!!!!!

Working here in 3rd ward is so amazing! The Lord blesses us so much. We just get out and work and be diligent and obedient and elect people just fall into our laps. Elder Van Meter and I set goal to walk every street in our area and talk to everyone we see, so Elder Merrill and I continued that and it was funny. We were walking down this one street and this lady had her trunk open with groceries in it and we were going to help her. Well she comes walking out of her garage, see us and then turns around walks back inside, slams the door and then closes the garage door all while her trunk is still open with groceries. We just kept walking. Then like two houses down these two guys walk out and see us and kinda jump and hurry into their cars. One of them almost ran us over backing out of the drive way. It was funny. The joys of missionary work.

Then all the blessings came on Sunday. This guy who met with missionaries when he was 17 decided it is time for him and just shows up to church on his own and stays for 3 hours!!!!! That was amazing. He came to the first ward which isn’t ours but is in the same building but it turns our he is in our area. His name is R. and I can’t wait to see what happens. Then after church we went to go teach T. a referral we got from the sisters when they accidentally worked in our area. Their ward borders ours and they were one street over too far. So we went and taught him and he is very prepared. He has had a challenging life, served in the military and saw some terrible things but he is ready for the Gospel. He was willing to kneel down and pray with us to ask God to show him the path and if this is right for him.

Then we went and contacted a referral from a member of this guy who needed a blessing. He is actually in first ward but the sisters cover that ward so we just went. He is also extremely prepared!! In the last few days he has had a mini Alma the younger experience. He has lots of questions and will need to be taught a lot but the Lord has defiantly prepared him. It has just been wonderful to see the Lord’s hand in His work. I LOVE being a missionary, I wish I could do it for ever. (I don’t think my mom would let me)

B. is doing just amazing. He announced his baptism on the tenth to everyone in church and he is excited. He is progressing so well. He said some things I thought was great. Talking about the Book of Mormon he said “I know I have to read it for the rest of my life so I figured I will end up reading it multiple times so eventually I will know it as good as you” he even started reading the lessons in the manuals before Sunday (some members don’t even do that). He is just great, he also said something hilariously profound “I intend to live until I die”

B. is doing great too. His dad hasn’t said anything about him being baptized so still praying for that. But some things might change. B.’s older sister, E., was home from BYUI for Thanksgiving. Now E. was baptized when she turned 18 and then submitted her mission papers and now has a mission call and is leaving in January. The dad doesn’t even know she got baptized, and she is planning on telling him that she is leaving on a mission in January so maybe that will change somethings.

All in all just an amazing week in the Work of the Lord. Sharing #LIGHTtheWORLD with everyone we can. Please please please share it with everyone and every way you can.

Love you all

Love Elder Johnston


Elder Van Meter got some “Johnston and Murphy” shoes so I whited out the “urphy” and made a sign



Great family in the 3rd Ward took them to dinner for husband’s birthday and to say good-bye to Elder Van Meter.


Same great family in 3rd Ward on Thanksgiving Day. (This is after they already ate 2 dinners)


Giving message after dinner on Saturday.


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