Change is good.

This week has been crazy. Lots of administrative stuff. I also got a new companion his name is Elder Merrill.  Once again not much to email about.

B. is doing so well. He is coming to church and loving it. He started reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning. He is just progressing so well and is ecstatic for the 10th of December. It is so exciting. I love that man so much.

C. is doing fabulous as well. She has seen some incredible miracles from paying her tithing. Her faith is so strong. Very childlike.

Another one of our investigators B. is also doing fabulous. He is 16 and can’t be baptized because his dad wont let him (I don’t know why). Both of B.’s parents are members but the dad isn’t active and the parents are separated. So earlier this year B.’s older sister was baptized when she turned 18 and now is going on a mission. B. comes to church ever week and is basically a member just not baptized. Many members of the ward have felt strongly that he needs to be baptized now and all of them along with us have felt prompted to do something about it. So we had a fast and a bunch of the members joined and we were fasting that B.’s dad’s heart would be softened. So we had the fast then B. went to go talk to his dad. His dad said “wait until you are 18” then B. (being the stud he is) said, “Dad well let me tell you why I want to be baptized and not why everyone else wants me to” and told him why, then said “Dad we need to pray about it and I want you to come to church with me on Sunday, because I know that the Lord will tell us what to do.” So much faith!!!!!!   So Sunday his dad came to Sacrament and it was great, a very spiritual Sacrament and all about the Savior. Just amazing. B.’s dad seemed really happy after too so we will see what happens.

I love you all and hope (expect) the Lord will bless you.



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