The Lord needs Workers

This past week has been crazy. We had four zone conferences. One in Cortez Colorado, one in Bloomfield New Mexico and one in Tuba City Arizona. It was a lot of driving and a lot of work but really rewarding. On the way back from Tuba City we took a wrong turn and our drive got a lot longer. We ended up staying the night with some other Elders. It was a fun trip.  Then when we got back we were just preparing for MLC so still weren’t able to work very much but when we were it was glorious.

C. went to the temple this Saturday with the Ward temple trip and she loved it!! After the temple she texted us saying “I just got out of the temple and it is my new favorite place!” She is so willing to just do what ever the Lord asks of her and she loves it. She found 6 family names to take but the Family Search site wasn’t working so she couldn’t print them but she has already made a plan to go back to do the family names.

We saw B. again this week and we taught him about following the Prophet and church organization just because he wanted to know. B. used to hate organized religion but in the lesson he said “even if the Prophet was payed $10,000 I wouldn’t have a problem with it.” That was powerful to see how much the Spirit really has worked on him.

This week I have learned that to be a member fit of the highest Glory of God, much truly is required because much is given. Heavenly Father asks a lot of us because He needs a lot done. During fifth Sunday we learned a lot about Family History and the powerful promised blessings. God always rewards us for our work. What a blessing that is.

I love being a missionary. I know that the church is true and that it truly changes the lives of those who let it.

Love, Elder Johnston



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