The Church is True

This week has been absolutely fabulous. Stressful but amazing.

We had zone conference in Gallup with two zones, it was fun. Really weird being the one that is giving the training. We were supposed to have a zone conference in Tuba City but a code talker died and they needed the church so it got rescheduled, that was stressful. But it was God’s will. President Adams received an email from the quorum of the 12 that zone conferences will now be held every transfer instead of just once a quarter. So President now having a completely open day (Tuesday) was able to plan it out. Normally President doesn’t have open days so it was cool to see how God works things out in His infinite wisdom.

This weekend was just amazing. C. and Y. were baptized and it was the best day of my mission so far. It was the most powerful baptism I have ever been to. The Spirit there was so strong. It was powerful. I had the privilege of baptizing Y. That was a really powerful moment when I raised my arm to the square and said. “I baptize you…” I don’t think I have ever felt the power of the Priesthood in that way before. It was so amazing to see C. get baptized. She was so anxious, she was crying and you could just see the nerves on her face. Elder Van Meter baptized her and it was amazing. She was standing there crying, extremely anxious and then she went under the water and came back up all the anxiety was gone. Completely. Her face had nothing but peace on it. That was a Miracle of the restored Priesthood being used by a worthy Priesthood holder. Another small miracle that happened was that I forgot the phone in my pocket. So when I baptized Y. the phone was in the water but God worked His Power and the phone is just fine.

Sunday was even better. C. and Y. were confirmed by President W. (the youngmens president and the family who has been having C. in their home as we teach her). That was two powerful blessings. He is very in tune with the Spirit and it was very evident in their confirmations.

It has just been a fabulous week, Sunday night we got a new Investigator, she has been a potential investigator for a while. Her name is A., and she has had a hard life and she really needs the Gospel. We taught her the Restoration and I have never felt so much love for someone in such a short amount of time. I have never wanted anything for anyone (including myself) as I want the Gospel for A.

I love being a missionary. I know God answers prayers and I know the Spirit has power to convert people.

Love, Elder Johnston



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