Times Files

Well another transfer has come and gone. It is crazy how fast time flies. I realized the other day when I was making my new planner how little time I actually have. I better get to work.

This week has been good. We worked on transfer news all Thursday Friday and Saturday. It was a lot of paper work. But it all worked out smoothly. (we can hope) The first half of the week was amazing.  We were able to work quite a bit and as always it was fabulous. We taught C. and it was great. The W.’s are just adopting her almost. It is so cool. We teach C. and her kids in the W.’s home. Y. and J. (C.’s kids) don’t have a father figure in their live so they look to President W. a lot and he loves it. He is young and has kids of his own and they just fit right in. He lets them sit on his lap and all that and you can just see how much it helps the kids. Truely a Christlike man.
C. also had her baptism interview and she passed. It was a great experience for her she said. She is just so prepared. Elder Van Meter and I taught Sunday School yesterday and C. was making a bunch of comments and I thought it was just because she was comfrotable with us but then from a member we learned she was the same in Relief Society. I think the Spirit is just working on her because she has passed her interview and in less then two weeks she will be baptized. Oh I just love it.

General Conference was amazing of course. Joy is powerful. Even when you are doing paper work for 72 hours you can still have joy because it is the Lord’s paper work. The Spirit makes it all possible.

Sorry for the generic email just not too much happened this week.

I love you all

Love, Elder Johnston


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