The Power of Potential

Always an amazing week in the service of God.

Nothing too crazy happened this week just the same old same old and it has been glorious. C. is doing amazing and sharing the Gospel already. She is so prepared. Her kids are doing well. President Adams interviewed her and shared his experience with it in MLC. He said that is has been one of the sweetest experiences of his mission. He is confident that she will stay strong the rest of her life. Such a blessing to be apart of that. The beautiful thing that all of us have that potential inside of us.

I found that out this week. We received a training in District meeting about daily contact and it really strengthened my testimony of it. Well right after District meeting we found this new investigator named N. We decided to have daily contact with him. We have only taught him once but have texted him every day since and his potential/interest has shot through the roof. It has been amazing to see. Application is powerful.

There is this other potential investigator named P. and she is very christian and is one of those people who would just love the missionaries. Would read the Book of Mormon but never really understand the importance of the Restoration. We have never taught her just talked on her porch, but I figured daily contact could help with her too. So we stopped by one night and she was just amazed that we would come to see her and her interest increased. Everyone has the potential to be amazing we just need to help them get there.

I learned a valuable lesson this week. We were on exchanges with the Zone Leaders double working our area and we set a goal to get 72 TTI’s (a TTI is where you talk to someone and teach a principle, testify of it, and invite them to do something.) Well as much as I prayed for it and worked for it it didn’t happen, BUT I learned.  I realized that there are so many people that I just walk past because it is awkward but really they are the ones I need to talk to most. So I have decided that if I don’t have one awkward situation trying to talk to some one I am doing my job wrong.

General Conference was amazing of course!!!!

I love you all.
God answers prayers. So pray.


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