Rejoice in the Lord

Sorry it took so long. We had the mission yearly temple trip on Monday and we haven’t had a chance to email yet because we were on exchanges with the Zone Leaders two days in a row.

I can’t remember much of last week but this week has been really good. I realized this week how much of a privilege is is to serve the Lord and how it shouldn’t be wasted.
It is weird to think I have been out a year. It feels like just yesterday I was in the MTC.
I sure love my mission and I know that serving the Lord brings the Greatest Blessings.

Our investigators are doing well. I am pretty sure that on of our investigators sons is going to be an apostle. He is only seven and these are some of the questions he asked us:
1. Was God a person before He was God?
2. What does the picture of the Lion and the Lamb mean?
And then when we were teaching tithing we asked him how he would feel if he could pay 10%. He didn’t have an answer but he really thought about it and a few minutes later he said “I would feel grateful that I have enough to give 10% to Heavenly Father”
It is such a blessing to see peoples lives blessed by the gospel. Repentance is real

Love you all

Love, Elder Johnston


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