Leaving Bloomfield!!

Well this week was transfers and I got transferred…….. I was excited for the new experiences I would have,

but also super sad to leave the people of Bloomfield. I am now in Farmington 3rd ward. My new companion in Elder Van Meter. It should be a good transfer.
I am sure going to miss Bloomfield, the people there are so amazing and I have really grown to love them. It amazes me how much love I do have for them. Just amazing people with some amazing experiences.

T. our Golden investigator is just doing amazing. I don’t remember if I said this or not before but when we taught her the first time we taught the Restoration and we asked her if she believed the Book of Mormon was true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet and she was just like, “yeah” all nonchalantly, like No Big Deal. She is just amazing. She is coming to church and on track to be baptized. Her husband who is already a member is working two jobs and isn’t able to come to church, but she still comes on her own. She impresses me every week. I am so excited for her to be baptized. Even though I will not be there to see it. That doesn’t matter though because she is getting baptized and it is just amazing!!!!
This week was just an incredible week even though I am getting writers block and can’t remember it.

A few weeks ago Elder Lynn G. Robbins came to the MLC of the mission and taught us and it was incredible. He taught us something life changing. He called it the “anti-faith list” if you “go to the list” you are a looser and not a champion. So the list is anything that we do to try and avoid responsibilty. The list consists of:
and everything else Laman and Lemuel do
Elder Robbins taught us how the war in heaven was fought for 100% agency and because we have 100% agency we have 100 % responsibility and how if we go to the list we lose control of ourselves. Really quite life changing. I wish I could explain it better.
I just want you all to be champions. So NEVER go to the list.

Love, Elder Johnston


Elder Van Meter is on my far left.



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