What a week

This week has been GREAT!!! but really different.

We decided that we needed to leave the 90 and 9 and find the elect. So we dropped all our investigators that were not progressing and haven’t been for quite a while now and moved on. We have done lots of finding. It wasn’t too fruitful this week. Only found one new investigator but hopefully it pays of this coming week. One day we gave out 10 copies of the Book of Mormon. Which is weird. (not a huge amount but the most Elder Janosch and I have had together in one day) I know there is someone out there that needs to be found that we just haven’t yet.

The lessons we did have with our investigators were marvelous. One of our investigators L., held us captive. That was funny. We were teaching her and her husband for a little bit and it wasn’t going to well because her husband always took it weird ways. But this past week her husband was in Texas for work. She felt unsafe being home a lone so we would see her every other day. One day we were on the leadership exchange with one of our District Leaders Elder McGuire (so we were in a trifecta!) and we went to go teach her and had a really good lesson. We got to the end of the lesson and she would not let us pray. She just kept asking us questions and would not let us leave. (keep in mind L. is 8 months pregnant) It was quite the adventure. Then later this week we went and taught her again but this time we brought Bishop Starr as the third male. Bishop Starr is just amazing!! He is a convert and absolutely super uplifting. We had a fantastic lesson with L. and told her she needs to repent and read the Book of Mormon and come to church. But this Sunday she didn’t come to church. She needs to so she can be baptized!!!

This week has just been one big adventure.
In Escrito, a branch on the rez south of Bloomfield, the main water pump for the town broke so they came to live in Bloomfield for 2 days. So one Elder went with the Spanish Elders and the other was with us. That made things fun.

Just a week full of adjusting.

We had a baptism (kinda) it is this 8 year old who we have been working with to help him get baptized. So that was exciting.

Love, Elder Johnston



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