Leaving Eden

Well thanks to my great sister Emma I have a way to describe this week. It has been different. Elder Janosch and I decided that we were wasting our time teaching people who were not progressing and it was preventing us from finding. So we dropped a lot of investigators who were just anchors. This week was much slower. Really hard but in a good way.

We have really relied on inspiration of where to go. We decided one night during planning that in the morning we wanted to go ask some members for referrals so we go and ask a few people and it isn’t working. Kinda wanting to give up our plans we looked at our planner. “The F.” We were hesitant to go ask for a referral because it wasn’t working but we went anyway. We go to the F.s and sister F. answers and she comes out with this french kid L. who has been at church the past few weeks but in the hustle of all the members (we have a lot) we never were able to talk to him. Well he is from Paris, France. His mom was a foreign exchange student her in Bloomfield with the F. a while ago and L. wanted to come learn English so he was here for about a month. He was leaving the very next day, we caught him at the tail end. He had been curios about the LDS church so were shared a simple lesson about the Book of Mormon (remember he is just learning English) he didn’t know what prayer meant, but we figured it out. hahaha  We have him an English Book of Mormon, got the Paris France mission office info and wrote it in the Book of Mormon. He saw the address and was like, “that is about 1 mile away from my house” in his super awesome french accent, “I will go there and talk to them” Talk about elect. We share a message with this French kid who is just learning English, in English, give him an English Book of Mormon, he commits to read it on the plane ride home and go and talk to the people at the mission office. I am still amazed by him. What a great kid.

Heavenly Father has his children here on the earth that He loves. He want’s them to accept the gospel. He inspires His humble servants who listen to go and rescue His children. Those humble servants are all around and Heavenly Father is using them. It astonishes me!!!

The reason I say this week is leaving Eden is because it has been hard because of the changes I am needing to make both in myself and my missionary work. “But behold, all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things.” (2 Nephi 2:240

love Elder Johnston


we got hair cuts (before and after)



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