Another great week here in Bloomfield! We didn’t have as many lessons as we normally do, it was weird. But we did see the fruits of the lessons we had. We had 3 investigators at church which is the first time in a while that has happened. We have probably had 15 different investigators at church over the weeks but never at the same time. So yesterday was great. One of the investigators who came to church is the part member family, the B.. They are elect. We found them when we were going to see an investigator of ours in an apartment complex. She wasn’t there but right across the way on the other balcony Bro B. was standing there. He said hi as we walked up the stairs and as we waited at the door he was talking to us, asked what time church was, and as we were about to leave we asked if he needed a hand with anything. He said that he did, he had hurt his back at work and needed help taking in a TV stand. So we went over to help him and set an appointment to come back Sunday. Well Sunday we are waiting for sacrament to start and the B.’s walk in!!!! That was awesome. They stayed for all three hours of church and it was just amazing. We saw them after church taught the Restoration. It was really interesting because they knew Elder Nishimoto(?), he helped Bro B. get back to church, and I was curious why T. never got baptized. We asked her if she believed in the various events and doctrine of the Restoration and she said yes!!! We invited her to be baptized and it was just amazing!!! The Lord truly leads us to those who are ready to receive the Gospel. Now we just hope that Bro B. can baptize his wife. That would be awesome.

We had an MTC camp where the priests came with us for part of the day. It was also really great. I wish I would’ve taken a picture with them…. oh well. We were talking to the parents and leaders of some of the boys that went and they said it was a great success. That the boys loved it and were changed by it. Elder Briggs even helped a priest realize he should go on a mission before school. It was a very inspired and inspiring event.

I realized the incredible blessing of Eternal Families the other day. We all have wonderful memories with family that we enjoy but also miss. Well that is what it will be like. Just making incredible memories with those we love just with eternal Glory. It sounds pretty awesome to me. I look forward to spending eternity with my family

Love, Elder Johnston

MLC July

July MLC


Elder Johnston and Elder Geilman



Elders love Safeway! PDay shopping (posted on Facebook by a member).


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