We do what we can

This week has been really bitter sweet. Elder Janosch and I worked really hard. It was a big blessing being able to double work our area for a day on Tuesday with some Elders that were going home on Wednesday.

We were looking so forward to Sunday. We had high hopes for all our investigators and then only one came to church. But it is okay because Elder Janosch and I are doing what we can (I am sure there is more we could do) and our investigators are progressing. It may be slow but it is happening.

B. S. is this investigator who is very Christian. Loves Jesus Christ and truly wants to follow him. He loves meeting with us and he is doing everything he can to know Joseph Smith is a prophet. What was amazing is that last time we met with him he said “I do know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, I am just working on everything else” OH MY GOODNESS THAT WAS A A TESTIMONY!!! A small little seed. It is growing!!!

B. is the investigator who came to church. It was her first time! She said she enjoyed it. It is just a lot different than mass (she grew up catholic) She is working towards baptism on Aug 27. Hopefully she will be able to get there.

Sorry running out of time. Wish I could tell more…
Got to go
Love ,Elder Johnston


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