Birthday present from President Adams

Well everyone!!!!! I am staying her in Bloomfield with Elder Janosch!!!!! I am so excited!!! Best Birthday Present EVER!!! It is both of our first times being with a companion for three transfers. It is great! Bloomfield is so elect!!! I just love the people here so much. I just want Heavenly Father’s choicest blessings for them!

There was this amazing miracle this week. This investigator B. we have has been really searching to know if Joseph Smith is a true Prophet. Man oh man is the Lord helping him. I know it will take time because it is the trial of his faith (Ether 12:6) Well Yesterday we came to church and the speakers were just for him. The ward had a scout camp and girl’s camp this past week so they asked a few youth to come and bear a short testimony about it. Before he invited them up Bishop said “These youth were not drawn out of a hat they were prayed about and this is who we feel needs to share.” Well the second person that was invited up shared how she hasn’t really known if Joseph Smith was a prophet or not but in the simple moment she knew he was. Oh my goodness it was just perfect for B. I looked over at him and realized he was just soaking it all up! It was so great!! The Lord is so amazing and astonishing and he knew that B. would need that!! It was sure amazing!!
Man I love being a missionary.


There are two other missionaries in the mission that have the same birthday as me……they are both sisters. One is in my Zone.



Elder Janosch and I decided to take some “birthday pictures”



One comment

  1. Grandma Covieo · July 23, 2016

    I don’t remember if I wished you Happy Birthday but if I did I will do it again.
    Happy Birthday to Harrison-a wonderful grandson. I hope you had a happy nice day.
    I love to read your letters on the computer. I am so proud of you. Love you lots.


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