About two months ago we had a mission tour where a member of the seventy taught us that if we are exactly obedient and have faith in Christ we can expect miracles. Ever sense that day I felt that as much as I was expecting them they weren’t happening….Then this week was 100% miracles!!!

The best part of this week would have to be two things. First the story about B. S.  So B. is a referral from these less actives we are teaching, L. and L. C. They are both named L. so we call them Brother and Sister L. They are progressing really well. Brother L. came to church yesterday for all three hours for the first time in 20 years and he was excited to participate. Oh it was just amazing. Well anyway, they sent us to B. who is a non-member who is just doing great. He hasn’t accepted a baptismal date yet because he want’s to know for sure that it is right and he is working at it. It always makes me so happy to see him. He is the most elect individual I have taught. He is coming to church. He missed last week due to health issues but he really wanted to be there this Sunday and he was. The whole story just amazes me because a member sent us to the L.’s who are progressing and being rescued, and the L.’s sent us to B. who is being rescued. It just amazes me!! I love seeing people accept the Gospel.

The second part is J. C. He has been an investigator for the past 3 years. His wife and two kids are all members who are great but he just can’t seem to”be there”. Well last night we had a lesson with him. It was only my second time teaching him (because we have either been on splits or he would cancel) The first time I taught him was after dinner one night when they had a bunch of family over. So I was excited for my first actual lesson with him.
Side note, lately I have been remembering a lot of the promises I was given when I was set apart as a missionary. One of which is the those who have already heard the message of the gospel will accept it because of what I have said.  Well for some reason just as we were starting our lesson with J. that promise came to mind with the thought “tonight it will be fulfilled” (I can feel the Spirit of it even as I type this). Well we started teaching and J. had a question from church about the Godhead, and then about the Prophet and he also shared his feelings about almost being ready for baptism but not quite. We hadn’t really even started teaching our planned lesson just answering his questions at this point. I didn’t think that Elder Janosch or I were saying anything super profound or Spiritual but he started to get a little emotional. Then it happened! He just started bawling!! (which we later learned from his wife that he never does) the Spirit was working on him so hard it was thick. Elder Janosh and I were promising him incredible things which were 100% by the Spirit (praise be to God for the inspiration). Then we just sat there in the silence as he wept with the Spirit just overflowing the room. IT WAS INTENSE!! In the silence the Spirit testified to me that at that moment he was receiving his witness of the truth! Isn’t God just so amazing. His power and Glory are just so glorious and miracles do exist!! I know that to be true with all my heart!!!  J. left the room to gather himself. We talked to his son and wife about what they thought. They were excited and glad. Then J. came back we said a prayer on our knees that was powerful and then went home.

I am so thankful for Heavenly Father’s love for J. and his family to grant them with the Spirit that is needed for them to one day make it to the temple. I am privileged to be apart of it. God is astonishing!!!

I have learned lots about the scripture in Ether 12:6
That our faith is always tried. For those miracles to come I had to keep being faithful, keep being exactly obedient and keep expecting them. Then after the trial of my faith they came. The witness will always come!!!!

I love being a missionary!!! I never want to leave.
Transfers coming up next week!!!

I also had a great surprise on the day I reached 10 months. I had dinner with Derek Denney!! One of my favorite YM leaders from back home. He was here for a research project. It was a tender mercy.


(almost) matching ties at zone conference




Me being my weird self at night……



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