If I had one wish

Well Hello everyone! Finally

We weren’t able to email on the 4th of July because everything was closed and then tuesday I was on an exchange out in Dulce so we are finally getting around to it!

This past week has been good. I just love being a missionary. If I could do anything for the rest of my life I would be a missionary.

We have changed out teaching pool a lot. It is always growing and changing.  We are teaching some very elect people. I can’t wait to see the progressing they make.
We had a few investigators at church. One of our investigators on date, D., was at church 30 minutes early!!!! Oh it is just so amazing.

This one family that I think is the definition of “white and ready to harvest” is the H. They are a referral from some members. We had dinner with the members and shared our message and asked for a referral. They didn’t have one but we just kept pestering. So I asked this question the Elder Janosch had said earlier that week the missionaries back home asked him.”Out of all your friends which one do you think you have influence the most?” So they sent us to the H. and now we are teaching the most elect couple in the world!!!  Members are the Key.

Sorry not a lot of time today.
I love you all and hope you enjoyed the day full of freedom!!!
Transfers coming up soon…….


Driving out to Dulce



I love cereal!


Native eagle wing fan



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