Working Hard or hardly working

June 20th, 2016 Email

This week has been different.

We have been working so hard and this week has flown by so fast!!! We set some pretty lofty goals for this month so we have been trying to achieve them through broken down weekly goals. This week we almost reached them but Elder Janosch got sick on sunday. So that didn’t help.

We had some amazing miracles with the members this week. We went on two splits this week. One day we had to get 4 priesthood holders together because we were both seeing single ladies. It didn’t look like it was going to work out but the Lord helped us with our righteous desires.

Another miracle we had this week with members was at the ward party. There is this part member family we have been teaching. There was a ward party the same time as our lesson. So we asked if they wanted to go. S. (the less active) wanted to go but M. (investigator) had just had a hard day at work so he didn’t. So S. followed us out to where the party was and there was just enough time for us to introduce her to one person and then leave. On the way there we were calling and texting people to get them to fellowship her but no one answered. Well then later that night we got a text from the Elder’s Quorum President’s wife telling us how she met S. and now they have a play date set for there kids. It was awesome. Members are just amazing. We couldn’t do it without them

Another great week in the vineyard!!!

Love, Elder Johnston


A member gave us Costco chips



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