Press Forward

That is what we did. Pressed Forward.

The people here in Bloomfield just need to come to church. They always make really awesome commitments and then they don’t come. But this week a few came!!! That was so awesome. I love seeing how prepared elect people really are. This one guy B. come to church after only meeting with him once. We didn’t even invite him to church!!! It was so cool. This part member family also came to church after not coming for over a year!! It was just a great Sunday.

On the other hand our recent convert L. isn’t coming to church. The week after her confirmation she was sick and then last Sunday she went to the Jehovah witness church with her friend. We had to be real stern with her and let her know that she needs to be at the right church. This Sunday a member goes to pick her up and she is sick, but later her neighbor who is a home bound member let us know she went to the Jehovah witness church with her friend again. I just don’t get it because we ask L. about her first time at the LDS church and her Baptism and Confirmation and she knows it is right but she just doesn’t come. Hopefully the adversary will ease up a little.  Other than that this week was great. Feeling the joy of sharing the Gospel and helping people show the Savior that they want rescuing. It is great.

I failed to mention last week that one of our investigators died. It was really weird to think about. Someone that I know is Spirit Prison. He still has the opportunity to learn. It was just really weird to think about it like that. The Plan of Salvation is real. I know it is. Especially when I really think about it.

I wish I could explain more but I am running out of time

Thought from the Spirit this week. “Repentance can change our whole nature”
Look up Repentance in the Bible Dictionary.

I love being a missionary and I love you
The church is true and Heavenly Father answers diligent prayers



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