Doctrine and Covenants 76:5

June 13, 2016 Email – Man I’m behind!

We have been working like crazy. We set of goal of 6 new investigators for this week and forgot about it until Friday. So this whole weekend we were working really hard. We have been taking 30 minute lunches and planning finding activities for every moment. It has just been awesome. Friday we set a goal to find two. We went through our day and had found one. We were working hard but it just wasn’t happening. Then we were driving to our 8 o clock appointment and we drove past this guy sitting on the curb who looked really sad. We drove past and Elder Janosch asked “do you think he is okay?” We sat at the stop light for a bit and then I said” turn around lets go talk to him. So we did, had a lesson on the side of the road with him and it was very uplifting to him. We set an appointment to come see him Sunday. Saturday we set a goal to find three new investigators so Sunday we would only need one to reach our goal. Well despite our best efforts we only got two. Sunday came around and we were completely booked. No opportunities to find and still needed to find two new investigators to reach our goal of six. Well all this time we have been praying to be able to reach our goal even in our imperfection of forgetting. Well a few of our appointments fell through but we were busy with other things. It was 6 o clock and we still hadn’t found any. We had an appointment with M., the guy we saw crying on the road of Friday, at six and an appointment at seven and then we go in at eight on Sunday for numbers. We go to see M. and we are about 30 minutes late because we were teaching this investigator we haven’t seen in a while. Well we finally get to M.’s house and he isn’t there but his dad and his girlfriend are there. They were kind of acting like they wanted us to leave but just then M. rolls up and we had a lesson with all three of them! We got our two new investigators we needed and reached our goal of six. Heavenly Father really helps us as we work for it. I gained a powerful testimony this week of the power of prayer backed by the action to reach what you are praying for. It was just amazing to see how the Lord helped us out in our weaknesses. I feel so fulfilled. I just love working!

This week has just been miracle upon miracle. I wish I could tell you all about it but it probably wouldn’t make that much sense.

In our adventure in finding I learned a lot about finding. Astonish someone in 5 seconds. That isn’t very hard because the Gospel is so astonishing!!
“The way to return to God has been revealed to us through His servants but it was lost but it is back on the earth and you can pray to know it’s true”

As simple as that.

I love my mission and I love missionary work.

I also love you all

Love, Elder Johnston


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  1. Grandma Covieo · June 28, 2016

    Hi Harrison I really enjoy reading your weekly E-mails. They are uplifting for me. I am happy you are enjoying your mission. It is very hot here in Utah so I suppose it is hotter in New Mexico. I am still feeling pretty good but I am feeling older everyday. “What else can I expect -right” I hope you can find those that are ready to hear the gospel to bring more happiness to their lives. It brings happiness to me. Love you and pray for you. Grandma Covieo.


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