Staying in Bloomfield

Well transfers came and Elder Janosch and I are staying together here in Bloomfield. I am only the third of Elder Janosch’s companions to stay with him for more than one transfer! I am excited.

This week has been an interesting one. At least 75% of our lessons fell through this week. Man that was annoying. We stayed busy and diligent! Yesterday we drove to 12 different houses with our ward mission leader following us trying to find someone. We finally had a lesson with this lady who was a potential investigator from a few weeks ago. Her name is B. She is super nice and I just know she is going to be baptized.

This week has been good. We have a lot of investigators and we are trying to find the elect. So we had this do or die lesson with this investigator J. He never really commits to anything. He has had 3 strokes so it is hard for him I understand that. So we told him that he needs to commit. Our goal is for him to be baptized. We said we would set our next appointment when he came to church. I wasn’t expecting much to change. Our ward is huge so it is hard to see who is there. Well we were sitting in our gospel principles class waiting for it to start and guess who walked in. J!!!!! I was astonished. It was such an amazing surprise. The Lord truly prompts people to do what it right.

We also had this other investigator come to church. His name is Z. He is a legit gangster. He is part of the gang here called CPL blood. He is on bond right now so we have been teaching him. He really wants to change and it is amazing to see the hope the gospel brings to him. I love it. It all started because we decided to talk to this sketchy looking dude walking down the street. Never would have expected to actually teach him. At first we would just meet outside with him or walk to a park and then teach him but lately he has been letting us into his house. We took this member once who told us it is a well know drug house. That was a little sketchy. Almost every time we are there there is a bunch of other people there. Kind of a mad house. But what is so weird is that I feel at peace there. I don’t feel threatened or unsafe. I still close my eyes when we pray and the Spirit is present when we teach. (unlike some other house that you would think have better circumstances but for what ever reason the spirit leaves when you walk in). It is just the coolest thing to see. The atonement really can take away all of our sins. It may take a lot of work but it is possible. We can change. I just love how true this Gospel is.  Hope is found in the Gospel. I LOVE IT!!!!!

This really is the Lord’s work and I hope you all share the gospel this week so you can feel the joy that it brings.

Pray for missionary experiences
Alma 31:34-35
Jacob 4:12

Love Elder Johnston


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