Life is an adventure!!!

Email sent Thursday June 3rd, 2016

Man this week has been crazy. (Then again every week is) We had exchanges out it Escrito. (Rez area) man it was the middle of nowhere. It was impossible to find the church. We tried to drive there at night (neither of us had been there before) that was a bad idea. We finally got there safely. It was so different doing missionary work on the reservation. Everything is so spread out. It was a lot of fun with Elder Craghead.

Then we came back and I went on exchanges with the Hammond Elders (other ward here in town) I was left to take over the area by myself and it was funny. I got lost twice but we still did a lot of good. I guess these past few weeks have just been crazy for everyone because almost all our appointments fell through but we would stop by and see people who wanted to meet but just couldn’t at that moment. The Lord has his timing.

Our investigators are just doing great. L. WAS BAPTIZED!!!! That was a great day. It was our ward mission leader’s (Bro. R.) birthday and he was the one to baptize her!! It was a good day. She doesn’t know everything but she knows it is true. At her baptism Bishop said “This is one of the greatest events in the world right now.” Very true. L. had entered in the gate!

A. one of my favorite investigators is really starting to get it. We were teaching him the Restoration and talking about the great apostasy and he was like “well is it still gone!?” That was probably one of the greatest moments of my mission. The Lord really does let people know!

I am really (finally) perfecting my missionary skills. Like when we go finding. Astonish someone in 5 seconds. That is what we do. This one guy we testified to and asked if he wanted to learn more was really taken back and had the *wow…* look on his face. It is awesome.  If you follow Preach My Gospel to the t every day, you will be the greatest missionary in the world. I love it!!!

I also really love the scriptures. There is so much truth to be found within them if we will simply open them and study.  I know that revelation is real and that the Lord leads us to those who need it. If you pray for the missionaries to be at your door, they will.

We also went on a hike to an alien crash landing sight (only in New Mexico) but it was too far so we didn’t get to it. It sure was fun wandering around in the desert!

I sure do love my mission and missionary work!!

Love, Elder Johnston


Alien crash sight.



L.’s baptism!


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