The Lord Provides.

Email from May 23, 2016

This week has been absolutely crazy! Probably the most appointments I have had fall through in Bloomfield yet!

I have really gained a testimony of planning this week. We were so busy it is amazing. I love missionary work. The Lord was definitely guiding us and putting us in the right place to meet/find those he needs us to. Miracles happened all over the place this week.
There is this new family that moved in at the wife is less active but the husband is not a member and they are having a hard time with their marriage. The husband is verbally abusive. Well S. (the wife) came to church her first Sunday here and luckily thanks to this awesome member (S. F.) S. had a friend. Well S. called S. because she needed a blessing. S. (she doesn’t like us calling her Sister F.) called us and we went to S.’s house and taught S. on the porch and gave her a blessing. She wants to keep meeting with us but her husband doesn’t really like us. Well this morning we got a call. Her husband agreed to take the missionary lessons!!!! I was so taken back!! The Lord performs miracles every day! We only need to look for them.

This is all thanks to a member caring for someone knew. I read the talk “To the Rescue: We Can Do It” by Mervyn Arnold. We don’t have to wait to help our brothers and sisters. Lets get to work.

Look around and notice those that need a helping hand. and then help!

I sure do love my mission and I miss you all.
The Lord Provides as we diligently do our part!


Weekly Planning!



Morning Work Outs!!



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