Diligently Laboring in His vineyard

So this week has been just amazing. (I’m sure I say that every week) I just love missionary work so much! I thought I had a strong desire to share the gospel but then we went on exchanges with the Assistants. I was with Elder Snuka who is super diligent and it amazed me so I have been praying for a great desire to share the gospel and be diligent and it has been happening as I have read my scriptures. I was in Jacob 5 the last few days and now all I want to do is labor in the vineyard and be a diligent servant. Heavenly Father does answer prayers. I really learned that this message is truly so important. I read an article from the September 2015 Ensign called: “Never Alone in Sierra Leone” it was about the members who continued to do missionary work even when full time missionaries had to be removed due to Ebola. There was one line that I really liked. “We had no time to feel sorry for ourselves; we had the work of salvation to do.” My attitude has really changed regarding missionary work. I really learned how time is really of the essence and that this is The Greatest work we could ever possibly be involved in. It is just amazing how simply praying and reading my scriptures has really changed how I feel. The only thing I want to do now is share the Gospel, prepare people for His Second Coming.

This week has been super awesome. We had a lot to do and I was very overwhelmed, but we got it all done. There were two experiences that were very profound. The first was with K., he is an investigator who has a friend serving her mission in Utah. She wrote him a letter and told him to go to the church and talk with the missionaries. (While is was still in Kirtland) the Bloomfield Elders were at the church for some reason and they were able to meet K. We have been teaching him for a few weeks and he wasn’t really progressing. Until now. So we had this lesson planned (we teach him at the church) but the member got sick and couldn’t come. Then K. asked if we could meet somewhere else beside the church so we met at a park. Well the lesson was just amazing. I wish I could explain it better (2 Nephi 33:1) but it was powerful. We were able to get to the heart of his concern and share some very powerful personal experiences that we wouldn’t have been able to with the member there. There was such a change in K. Now he really has faith that Christ truly can change him. I am so thankful for the Lord working His mysterious ways to accomplish what He needs for His children. He loves us an incredible amount.

The second was with stake vitality. So we have to type up this report on these two charts to meet with the stake president and discuss the missionary work in the stake. Well the files for the charts/tables were on Elder Janosch’s flash drive that got all messed up so we didn’t’ have it……so that was stressful. So we tried to make them again on word and excel and I haven’t used either of the programs in forever. But I sat down at the computer and all this knowledge from a class in high school started flooding back. (In a spiritual kind of way) It was amazing, we were able to make the charts and it went just dandy. That may sound really simple but it was a profound experience for me.

The Lord provides. He knows what we each individually need and will help us accomplish it. What a great blessing.

We are all laborers in the vineyard, now lets all be diligent servants! Jacob 5:71-75

Love you all


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