What another great week.


Life is so surreal! The Lord provides! This week has been awesome.

First I can’t believe that mothers day came so fast!! I feel like I had just called home on Christmas. It was weird talking to family again. I love my family but I don’t really think about them that much. Weird I know.

But this week was absolutely amazing. We have so many people to teach it is awesome. I just love it. We are having a lot of success as well. We have quite a few people on date and that is really exciting! Two of them are brothers. They 13 and 11 and both way awesome, their parents are less active but their dad seems ready to come back. They know it is right. The two boys know quite a bit though. They know how to pray and we ask them questions and they know a lot. Especially about Jesus Christ, which I love!!!

This week has been amazing. The Lord is leading us and it is crazy. It seems that people are always excited to see us right as we show up! The Lord’s timing is amazing!  One of our investigators L. is going to be baptized in two weeks and she made the sacrifice to come to church instead of going to a mothers day party!!! She is amazing! Second great thing that happened this week is one of our investigators A. came to church!!! His wife was baptized on the placement program but her records couldn’t be found so she was re-baptized about a year ago. Her husband A. supported her but wasn’t interested himself. Well a little while ago he was waking and his legs were smashed between two cars!! He is just fine, except for a little scare on his calf. Normally he is never home but he is now recovering and Elder Janosch and his last companion went by and he was home and now we have been teaching him twice a week, he says he will be baptized one day but not yet. Then Elder Janosch had a dream Saturday night/Sunday morning, in his dream we went over to A.’s house and everyone was getting ready for church and then they came. So we went over to A.’s and Elder Janosch told him his dream but it didn’t seem to likely for them to come to church they were going to drive somewhere for mothers day but then we got to the church after picking up L. and A. was there!!!!!! It was such an amazing miracle. Just an amazing Sunday!!

This week has just been amazing and I sure do love my mission. I love and adore the power in the scriptures and what we can learn!

I wish I could just tell everyone!! Jacob 1:6-8

I love you all and hope you enjoyed your mother’s day!!!
Love Elder Johnston



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