Hope you know I have had a great time.

Email from May 2, 2016

Well this week has been absolutely amazing! I am loving my new companion and my new area!!! I am learning so much. Being a zone leader is weird. I feel like I have to live up to something higher. I guess the mantle of leadership.

This week has been awesome. Amazing things are happening here in the Bloomfield ward. Miracles occur daily. Lots of investigators we are teaching. Lots of lessons every day.
It is weird being around white people. People were white in Kirtland but they weren’t white city kids. Here is white city kids and it is weird. We have quite a few investigators and I couldn’t tell you their names because I am stilling learning. Some of them I have only met once.

We did have the wonderful privilege of hearing form Elder Quinton L. Cook of the quorum of the twelve on Saturday. The whole mission drove into Farmington and he spoke to us.
There are so many things he taught us that I wish I could say but I don’t have time. The highlight for me was this: when we are exactly obedient and have faith in Christ we can EXPECT miracles. Boy is that true. Sunday was full of miracles. The power of faith and works is just amazing. The Lord provides. There are so many amazing things that happened this week but my heart is so full I can’t even begin to explain it.

One thing we did start yesterday is family scripture study and prayer. I was thinking how I can’t wait to be a Father and run my own house hold and invite the Spirit there. It is just hard for me sometimes when we go into a home that just doesn’t have the Spirit it just breaks my heart. I was thinking, “why wait to do those things” you have a home and a family now (we live with another set of Elders) you can do that now. So Sunday night we read our scriptures together and said a family prayer and the spirit was so strong. My heart was overflowing.

I know that this is the Lord’s work, and He does provide. He loves us all and gives us His Spirit. Sorry for the short email this week I am just still learning about the area.

Love, Elder Johnston


Eler Janosch and Elder Johnston



happy hippo moment


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